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Kettlebell Workout from the Tone It Up Girls!

14 Nov

So often I watch people at the gym swing kettlebells with such bad form that I am sure they are going to throw their back out! You need to be really careful and ensure you’re back is always straight and that you aren’t using a kettle bell that is too heavy for you. I really struggle to keep a straight back so I ensure I always do my kettlebell swings in front of a mirror so that I can watch my form (something I really need to work on!)
If you’re new to kettlebells and have no idea what to then watch this video from the Tone It Up Girls. (love love love them!) You can go to their website for the printable version.


The Best FREE Fitness Resources

4 Nov

Hey Guys!

I hope you are having an amazing weekend!

I have just discovered a really cool free resource and I had to let you know about it! If you are searching for fitness inspiration and really want to see results and change your body you have to take a look at fitness model Jennifer Nicole Lee’s online programmes and video’s.

Jennifer Nicole offers e-book’s that you can purchase but there are also¬† free resources for you if you sign up to her newsletter.

This is a really great full body workout that I am excited to try at my next gym session. You can also do it at home!

Pint version is here

BodyBuilder.com is a great resource and another awesome free programme from this website is Jamie Eason. Jamie has a free 12 week programme which outlines exactly what to eat and gives examples of how to train to completely transform your body, so check her out!



I am also totally in love and obsessed with Toneitup.com – These girls have amazing free workout videos and advice on their website. They do also sell a nutritional programme but it is a bit pricey and I am sure it’s nothing you can’t find online for free. If you are totally clueless about your diet than it might be worthwhile to buy. They are about to launch their holiday hottie series so be sure to sign up to their newsletter or find them on facebook.

I am in no way affiliated with Jennifer Nicole, Jamie or Tone It Up. I just want to share with you the great resources that I discover!

It’s so great to know you don’t have to spend a fortune to get fit!

Choose to feel amazing this week!

Lyn xx

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