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Stilettos Leg Workout

18 Nov

Hey Guys!

I hope you are having a wonderful weekend. I had one full of 1st birthday parties and catch up’s! I am happy to say I got through a kid’s birthday party without having too much junk food! Just a few party pies (hey it’s an Aussie party tradition to have a party pie!) and just a teeny tiny bit of soda to feel like I wasn’t missing out. I had plenty of green smoothie before and afterwards so I alkalined my body to make up for the acidic food!

We are heading into the season of party’s and drink’s and many people put on weight and eat terribly around this time of year so I hope to bring you lots of tips to support you during this time.

For those that read my FB status last week – I am pimping out my blog with a new design which I am really excited about! I mentioned on FB it would happen last week but we are having a few technical issues. It should be up this week so if you visit often and the site is down for a brief moment – that is the reason!

Considering my blog is called Stilettos and Green Juice I couldn’t help but post this fun stiletto’s workout by Cassey  from Blogilates. Go on and try it – I know you want to! Maybe when no one is watching!

Lyn xx


Kettlebell Workout from the Tone It Up Girls!

14 Nov

So often I watch people at the gym swing kettlebells with such bad form that I am sure they are going to throw their back out! You need to be really careful and ensure you’re back is always straight and that you aren’t using a kettle bell that is too heavy for you. I really struggle to keep a straight back so I ensure I always do my kettlebell swings in front of a mirror so that I can watch my form (something I really need to work on!)
If you’re new to kettlebells and have no idea what to then watch this video from the Tone It Up Girls. (love love love them!) You can go to their website for the printable version.

7 Moves You Can Do While Watching TV

1 Nov

It’s funny how so many people say they don’t have time for exercise but they seem to make time to watch their favourite TV show or surf the internet for hours! If TV is your priority then here are 7 moves you can do while watching your favourite show! If you don’t have a dumbbell for move 4  just use heavy cans or anything else you can find that is heavy.


How to Work off the Halloween Sugar!

31 Oct

Happy Halloween!

I am an Aussie girl so I haven’t really grown up celebrating Halloween and always felt left out when I watched American TV shows. The good news is Halloween has started to make its way here and lots of people have started getting in the spirit. There’s even trick or treating in some streets! Although I have been caught out not having treats for the kids as I wasn’t prepared. No one told me that we’ve started trick or treating!

I walked into work to see some people dressed up which is kind of cool. This is Mr T’s 2nd outfit for the day! (I wasn’t allowed to reveal his name)

While Halloween is a time for the spirits to come out and play – the sugar-free folks may want to stay in as there is temptation everywhere!

So if you have indulged this Halloween the Tone It Up Girls (who by the way I am newly  obsessed with!) have the perfect Spooky workout!

So go on and indulge – this is the only time you will ever hear me say it’s ok to eat some sugar!


Lyn xx

Ps I’d love to hear if you did anything for Halloween! Live a comment and share!

Demystifying She-Hulk

22 Oct

Guest Post by Supernige

Are you one of those women who refuses to train with heavier weights because you are afraid that you will build humungous muscles and end up looking unfeminine?

Do you head straight for the 0.5kg weights and perform hundreds of repetitions in a desperate attempt to rid yourself of those batwings?

It’s time for a re-education that will revolutionise your thinking around training.

Firstly, yes you will make some improvements to your appearance using dinky weights, but after a short time the gains will slow because the body will have adapted to the same weights you insist on using workout after workout to help keep you from looking like She-Hulk.

The truth of the matter is that as a woman, you would find it very hard to build huge muscles from regular weight training. It’s a myth handed down from your granny and people didn’t know enough about the female form to ever question her. The women you see who do look like Arnie’s are professional bodybuilders and some may even resort to using steroids.

If you want to look more shapely, toned and sexy in less time then you have to drop the myth that weight training will give you massive muscles, and start training harder and heavier, otherwise you are just wasting your time going through the motions.

The trick is this – choose a weight that enables you to perform the desired number of reps in good form and once you have achieved this, increase the weight by a small amount. Repeat as necessary.

Believe it or not, this nifty little formula is called progression, and progression equals results.

I challenge you to change your mind about lifting weights. Give it a go. You may be pleasantly surprised at the results.

Happy lifting,



Nige’s life is a rich tapestry of incredible stories that have shaped him as a trainer, an athlete and a man. He offers something as powerful as it is unique – personal fitness training, online courses and ebooks that will give you far more than just a transformed physique: he will give you your life back. He is also the creator of the motivational free weekly newsletter Kick A$$ Fridays. Sign up here: www.nige-atkinson.co.uk

Workout for the weekend

13 Oct

Hey Guys!

It’s the weekend and I am excited! The sun is shining,  I started my day with a great 1.5 hour gym session! (I know that doesn’t excite many – but this is how I get my kicks!) and now I can relax for the rest of the weekend.

It seems this week you all loved the healthy muffin in a mug recipe from yesterday. It got a lot of views! I think I will be experimenting this weekend with what else I can make in a mug!

I would love to hear from you on what type of things you want to see on this blog. Do you want more recipes? More fitness idea’s, health topics, nutrition advice? I would really appreciate your feedback so I can make this site everything that YOU want!

I was just reading another blog I follow called  Angry Trainer Fitness. He was doing a review on another fitness website called Loving Fit (you can read article here) and he highly recommend this girl’s workout video’s. Alfonso (The angry trainer) isn’t a fan of a lot of the pretty youtube fitness girls (one of whom I follow religiously!) so if he says someone’s good I am going to check them out.

I wanted to share one of her video’s. I really think you should check her out as this girl knows her stuff. She breaks it down for beginners and really encourages you to watch your form (something a lot of youtube fitness trainers don’t bother about.

I am going to try this workout on Monday. Who want’s to try with me?

(the first few mins she is talking about fitness so if you want to go straight to the workout you may need to fast forward a little)


Enjoy your Saturday!


Lyn 🙂

Keep Your Mojo Flowing! How to Keep Motivated

11 Oct

Sticking to a diet or fitness regime can be tough and most of us at some stage lack the motivation to keep us on track. Our work, social and family lives can quickly throw us off track if we don’t find the motivation to keep going on the healthy lifestyle path.

I have the occasional day where I can’t be stuffed but most of the time I am pretty motivated and have successfully stuck with healthy eating and regular exercise.

I want to share with you my secrets to keeping your mojo flowing.

1. Write down your goal – Be specific do you want to lose 10 kilos, gain muscle, have a defined flat stomach, be able to run 5-ks or  a half marathon; go 8 weeks without sugar. Maybe it’s just a general goal to keep healthy and fit? Whatever it is, write out a clear goal and put it up everywhere!

2. Set an intention – Think about the reasons why you want to achieve this goal. Is it to be healthy, lose weight, have more self-confidence? What do you want your ideal life to look like, with this life change. Eg. My intention is to be fitter and healthier in my 30’s than any time before and to feel good each day.

3.  Stick to a schedule that works for you – try to work out the time that you are more likely to stick to a fitness routine. When you are sticking to a schedule you are forming a habit, within time it will become second  nature. I am not a morning person so I don’t even attempt to do morning workouts. I love to destress after work so I have a night-time workout schedule and I pretty much stick to the same days.

4. Find a fitness activity that you enjoy – When you find something that you like to do, you will look forward to this activity. If you absolutely hate the gym don’t join one! Find something else you enjoy.

5. Mix it up –  Don’t do the same fitness activity every time as you won’t be challenging your body. Mix it up with cardio, weights, stretching and anything else that takes your fancy. Even though your main activity should be something you enjoy also throw in an activity that challenges you.

6. Vary and Experiment with food – You will never feel like you are dieting if you are trying new foods, adding new textures and flavours to your palate. When you have a variety of delicious healthy foods to choose from you will never feel hungry. Also add instead of subtract. If you are cutting out sugar, add in something healthy. I have lots of recipe ideas on my blog! Try my healthy chocolate substitute.

7. Find like-minded friends – When you set out on a healthy eating plan or a new fitness routine I can guarantee you that some of your friends or colleges won’t like it! I can’t tell you how much crap I get from people just because I am fit and choose not to eat junk. I get made fun of every day! It’s the awful side of human nature! It’s vital that you find friends that are on a similar path and can give you support. Some people also like to find a workout buddy to motivated and accountable. Feel like you don’t have support? There are many forums on the internet where you can chat to like-minded people or email me – I love to motivate people!

8. Knowledge is power – I have said this before, but the more you educate yourself by reading and watching documentaries the stronger your will becomes to resist the junk food and unhealthy lifestyle. You will begin to really understand what poor nutrition and lack of exercise will do to your body.

9. Feel the difference – This is by far my greatest motivator. I have been 6 months off sugar and  processed food  and I never want to go back to the way I use to feel. I felt sick almost every day in the afternoon due to my unstable blood sugar levels and just generally felt crappy. Eating healthy makes me feel so much more alive!

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