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Message to wordpress followers

22 Nov

Hey Guys,

I have recently moved to a self hosted site ( which means I have lost a whole lot of wordpress followers (you can only transfer over emails!). If you subscribed through your wordpress account and want to continue to get notifications of my posts, please enter your email address in subscribe.

For all those who subscribed through their personal email – I was able to transfer over so no need to re-enter.



Message to WordPress followers

22 Nov

Hey Guys,

I have recently moved to a self hosted site ( which means I have lost a whole lot of wordpress followers (I think – can’t figure it out). If you subscribed through your wordpress account and want to continue to get notifications of my posts, please enter your email address in subscribe.

For all those who subscribed through their personal email – I was able to transfer over so no need to re-enter.


Do Your Scars Tell a Story?

21 Sep

Can a scar tell a story and be a positive reminder as to where you have been and what you have overcome?

I wanted to write to you today about something a little bit different from the usual “Get flat abs” and “Eat clean” topics!

I was recently having coffee with a friend of mine and we were chatting about her submission to a magazine  for an article on the topic “the scars that make us beautiful”. So often we see scars as things we need to hide, whether they are physical or emotional but scars can hold a powerful story!

In Kim’s case her scar represents a close call with a vicious type of Cancer – Melanoma. Her scar enables her to spread the word about the risks of sun exposure and it also shows that young people have just as much risk of getting Melanoma as those who are older. I remember the first time I asked her about her scar and I was shocked that someone so young could be at risk of Melanoma.

I will let Kim tell a little of her scar story….

“The scar on my back is a result from a melanoma removed when I was 14 years old.  My sister’s friend noticed a dark mole on my back, we went to our local GP who referred us to Professor McArthy at RPA Hospital.  Once I met with him, I was booked into be operated on the following day.  With some melanoma’s they can potentially spread to the lymph nodes either in the groin or underarms, so I had my lymph nodes from my underarm’s removed as a preventative.  The mole was no bigger that a pea, however this resulted in numbers stitches on my back & staples under each arm.

Within a few month’s of the stitches removed from my back, due to the positioning of the mole & how the scar was cut it split open.

I remember this was a Friday afternoon, we went to the doctor’s who could only tape my back up & went back into the hospital on the Monday for day surgery.  I was given a local anaesthetic which didn’t appear to have much effect whilst they proceeded to sew mattress stitches into my back ( these are real deep stitches ), due to the immense pain I remember my dad had to leave the room as he couldn’t bear to see me in so much pain.

Unfortunately due to the scar splitting open this has meant the scar I know have is a lot bigger than it started out as”.


Australia has one of the highest rates of skin cancer yet people  are still using sunbeds and still basking in the sun for hours. So many feel invincible with the mentality that “it can’t happen to me”, but the reality is it can happen to anyone, no matter what the age.

The other misconception with Melanoma is that it usually begins with a funky looking mole. I watched my Grandad die an incredibly painful death from Melanoma and they never found the source. There was no mole and by the time they discovered the swollen lymph nodes the cancer had spread to every organ. My Grandad spent a lot of time shirtless in the sun. He and his brother-in-law worked as roof tilers, so they spent tireless hours without sunscreen right in the suns rays. Both ended up with Melanoma (my Uncle survived).

My Grandad’s death has always made me aware of the dangers of the sun but Kim’s scar has really shocked me into realising it could happen to anyone. You don’t even have to be someone who spends a lot of time sun-baking. Just be aware of protecting yourself and also know that it doesn’t have to be a death sentence if you catch it in the early days.

Kim was so lucky that she got it checked out early, my Grandad was not as lucky! If Kim thought “I am too young for Melanoma” she probably wouldn’t be here today.

Do you have a scar that tells a story or reminds you of how lucky you are to be here?


Fitness/Health Apps I love – Plus WIN a Digital Kitchen Scale

29 Aug

When I first got my smart phone a few years ago I went a little crazy downloading apps (like most people) but the novelty wore off after 5 mins and I found them useless.

So when I was asked to try a new fitness app I was a little sceptical but I was soon converted to using this app regularly.

Interfit is a video app workout that you can follow along with. Think of it as your own virtual personal trainer!

There are 4 apps –  Interfit  Boxing, Interfit Cardio and Interfit Challenge,  Interfit Pilates –  With a variety of workouts included in each app.

I mostly use the Interfit Challenge app which has a brilliantly, painful ab workout! It also includes exercises for people seeking a challenge. Think plyometrics, short burst of high intensity cardio and core strengthening. What’s great about it is that you will challenge yourself by trying to keep up with your virtual trainer! They are very fast paced and challenging exercises so perfect for getting results. Trust me you will sweating and swearing in no time!

Pissed off with your boss? Pull out your phone and click on the boxing app! Let some steam off the healthy way!

Not everyone can afford a personal trainer so these apps will provide you with fresh, new inspiration for your workout and it will also motivate you to keep up with the trainer. What’s even better is that you can do these exercises anywhere and they only cost 99 cents to download! Download from google play here

Prefer a website over a phone app? Check out….

This website is a new discovery and I LOVE IT!! It’s free to join and it’s my go to place to keep track of my workouts and diet. It basically turns your fitness and health goals into a level up game.

Once you create a profile you are asked to fill in your height, current weight, your goal weight and your activity level. It will  then calculate how much protein, carbs, fats, calories etc you need each day to reach your goal. How awesome is that?!

You can record your food and exercise each day and you will accumulate points for certain foods or exercises!

The best part is the fitness/health challenges. You can join a challenge for the week, such as give up soda for the week or do 100 push ups and when you succeed in this challenge you win more points.

Once you accumulate a certain amount of points you proceed to the next level. When this occurs you can set yourself a reward, maybe you deserve a spa day, a cheat meal, or a pair of shoes!

I think this is such a great tool to keep motivated and also a way to keep track of your food intake and exercise each week. If you’re working towards a goal this is something you will find really useful.

There are also forums and friends to provide a virtual community (and maybe find little competitive spirit!)

Check out Slim Kicker and  sign up today!

WIN!!! The good folks at Slim Kicker are giving away a digital kitchen scale to help keep you healthy!

All you have to do is leave a comment below with your suggestion on a fun, creative fitness or diet challenge. I will announce the winner next Wednesday. Good Luck!

5 Ways to Ease a Headache Naturally

21 Aug

Headaches are  one of the annoying ailments that most people suffer from at some stage. For me it’s almost a weekly occurence.

I have been managing headaches since I was a teenager and I don’t like taking drugs all the time (but truth be told sometimes its the only way to get through the work day).

I want to share with you my top tips on beating a headache without drugs.

It may not completely cure you, but it will at least ease the symptoms so you can go back to your busy life!

1. Reflexology – A few weeks ago I was feeling really ill with a headache which I could feel was turning into a migraine. I was really nauseous, dizzy and my vision was going blury – classic signs of a true migraine. I happened to be on pinterest and found a link to an article on reflexology. I followed the instructions and started running my thumb up the side of my foot which is connected to the spine, as well as the solar plexus area and my symptoms starting subsiding. After 15 mins of doing this my headache other symptoms were gone! Check out this diagram to try it out.



2. Peppermint oil – I call this my cocaine! Whenever I need a pick-me up I whip this out of my bag and sniff! It’s great for a headache, nausea, dizziness and fatigue. I use it so often that an old boyfriend of mine actually bought a bottle as the smell reminded him of me! Not sure how I feel about that!



3. Cold pack and hot water – My Dad passed on this trick to me as a teenager (we are a big headache family) and it works. Fill a bucket with hot water (as hot as you can stand) and sit with your feet in it and an ice pack on your head for 20-30 mins. The hot water draws the blood away from the head and the cold packs works to constricts the blood vessels in the head.



4. Exercise – You knew I was going to say this! Exercise  improves everything in life! There are days when I have a really bad headache and every part of me doesn’t want to go to the gym because I feel so terrible, but when I do go, I always find the headache eases if not goes completely. No more excuses for not exercising. If you aren’t up for a big workout just do some light yoga or Pilates.



5. Massage  – If all else fails go get  a massage, a lot of headaches come from neck and shoulder tension so work on easing these muscles and you will get immediate relase. It will also reduce the frequencies of your headaches.


Paleo Pizza – The Healthy Chef, Teresa Cutter

16 Aug


The Buzz word in the diet industry at the moment is “Paleo” which basically means eating as the cave men did.  The diet consists of ‘primal’ foods such as meat, vegetables, fruits, nuts and seeds but has no refined sugar, preservatives and grains.

This is a great “pizza” recipe and is gluten-free, low GI and vegetarian (if you leave off the feta)


1 leek, sliced
2 small zucchini, thinly sliced
handful baby spinach leaves
a little oregano or chopped parsley
2 large Portobello mushrooms, stem removed (500 g / 17  1/2 oz total)
1 cup / approx (200 g / 7  oz) roasted pumpkin chunks (winter squash)
80 g / 2  3/4 oz feta cheese (see notes)

Preheat your oven to 200 C / 400 F.
Saute leek and zucchini in a pan over a low to medium heat until soft with a little olive oil.
Add spinach and season with a little white pepper, sea salt and herbs.
Divide the filling between the 2 large mushrooms.
Add roasted pumpkin chunks
Top with feta cheese or some lovely ricotta
Bake for 15 minutes or until the mushrooms have heated through and are slightly collapsed.
Serve alone, with a side salad or steamed greens and a drizzle of lemon and cold pressed olive oil.
Serves 2

If you haven’t heard of The Healthy Chef, Teresa Cutter then you’re missing out on amazing healthy recipes. Check her website  it’s full of inspiration!

Cheers To the Weekend! Sugar-Free Alcohol Options

11 Aug

Cheers to the weekend! I wanted to encourage everyone this weekend to keep on track with your healthy habits and make better choices when you’re out.

Obviously the best choice is to say no to alcohol all together but I know a lot of you would rather give up food then give up alcohol. I have never been a huge drinker so it’s no big deal for me to avoid alcohol, or just have a few, but I know that you’re social lives revolve around it and you don’t want to miss out.

If you’re going to drink then it’s best to stick with spirits, either straight up (if you’re game) or mixed with soda water (not tonic water) and fresh lime or lemon. This contains very few calories and no sugar so it should be your number one choice.

A dry red or white wine is also ok. This does contain calories but the fructose in wine converts to alcohol so if you are watching your fructose (sugar) intake then this is safe. Avoid sweet wines such as moscato.

I know a lot of men love their beer (and some women too) but they don’t call it a beer gut (belly) for nothing. Beer and cider are high in calories and very bloating so you’re better off avoiding. If you can’t say no to the boys and enjoy your beer, stick with a lighter variety and have a maximum of 2 drinks.

The drinks to avoid are cocktails, pre-mixed bottled drinks, spirits mixed with soda, cider and moscato. Also be aware of the pre-mixed bottled drinks that claim to be sugar-free.  Some of them are sweetened with Agave syrup and this has a higher fructose content then sugar so it’s not a healthier choice.

The main problem with alcohol is the sheer volume that people drink in one night! There is nothing wrong with having the occasional sugary drink but when we head out to a bar or a party most people are binge drinking and having 5+ sugary alcohol drinks in the night. Most of you know better than to consume 5+ Cokes a day but so many people think nothing of having this many drinks when they go out.  Your liver is not only trying to process the sugar but also the alcohol and this puts a lot of stress on the liver! Half the time it isn’t the alcohol that makes you feel hung-over, it’s the sugar and preservatives in the alcohol.

Also prepare yourself for a big night out by eating alkaline foods during the day; Alcohol is very acidic so it will help if you eat well during the day to give your body a head start. Make sure you eat a good dinner to avoid the late night temptation when you’re friends want to end the night at McDonald’s! On Friday nights I often go out for drinks after work but no one wants to eat dinner. In these cases I make sure I have a really big lunch and then a snack at work just before I leave the office, so that I am not starving and tempted to eat something bad at the end of the night.

Being health conscious doesn’t mean you have to miss out, just make a few better choices. Most importantly have fun!

Enjoy your weekend!

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